Personal Training Mentorship

In 2004, when I  began my personal training career, I was on the lookout for a mentor in the field.  What I quickly discovered was that the training profession can be a highly competitive industry, and as such, most trainers are reluctant to share their tools, mechanisms, and techniques.  

At that point, I was left to believe in two things:

1) myself, and 2) the existence of my personal clientele.  Fortunately, I was right! 

Now I am equipped with years of education, experience, and further training in Strategic Life Coaching, and I am here to help you develop an identity as a personal trainer that serves an abundant niche of soon to be successful clients!

 There is enough.  ‚ÄčThere is enough education, passion, and need, and your clients are out there waiting for you to enter their world.   I believe that our industry has, in large part, forgotten what "personal" training means.  There is an "app for that" but there is no substitute for you, the real relationship, and the live service that you can provide to each unique client.  The other thing that I am eager to do to support your business is to share coaching tools, strategies, and experiences that can help you with particular clients or issues that challenge you.  Business questions, specific exercise programs, and coach/client relationships are all areas that we can work through together to address your general and specific needs.  Look, I've been there.  I've been through many highs and lows of our profession.  Let me share with you and together we will find ways for your business to bring you the fulfillment and accomplishment that you desire.