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Celebrate Your New Empty Nest!

Whether you have been looking forward to this moment or dreading its arrival, moving through the period when our children move out provides a transition that can be very challenging for everyone involved.  Your kiddo(s) is eager to gain independence while you may be struggling with a sense of loss or instability.  How do you plan to provide support and direction while your child/parent relationship evolves? What’s next for your family, your relationships,  and what’s next for you!?  There are tools and habits that can help you and your family not only survive this incredible transition but that can actually help you celebrate the next    phase of your life!

As a certified Strategic Life Coach I have compiled a few coaching notes into a short discussion aimed to offer skills to parents as they ease into this phase in their parenting careers.  I am eager to introduce these insights to you and your friends.  My husband and I relate to these issues personally.  As a result of my experiences and my education, I have discovered key strategies that will help you create a lifestyle that offers a more mature and helpful relationship to your children while also honoring your personal journey.  This session is designed as a 2-hour experience at my office in Grover Beach.  Call me today, lets look at your schedule to find out what time works best for you.  I need only 4 adults committed to our meeting in order to confirm.  The session fee is nominal, please call for details:


The Coaching Experience
I help a wide variety of clientele dissolve challenges and create new opportunities for a fulfilling life. Each person is respected as an individual with a unique set of skills and gifts and so, each coaching plan is designed specifically for every client.  My passion is to honor every client with a partnership that includes inspiring dialogue, appropriate strategies, and functional tools.  The frequency and number of coaching appointments is entirely dependent on the particular goals, needs, and challenges of each person.  We will discuss these areas more directly at your complimentary discovery session.

The Details
 All initial discovery consultations are FREE
 All sessions are scheduled by calling 805-709-3542
 All sessions are 60-70 minutes long unless otherwise indicated  ​
 Current clients receive a free gift session when referring a new clients

 All clients have the option to meet in a natural outdoor setting or at    Aspire in Grover Beach.

The Partnership
The Aspire Coaching Lounge is a safe, comfortable and relaxing space where we can work together to explore and create.  Whether it is here, on the phone, or via Skype I am able to help my clients understand and realize more authentic, integrated, and passionate lives.  

The partnership between client and coach creates an active and supportive relationship where we gracefully learn to appreciate the past and enthusiastically envision new perspectives.  

My education in Strategic Intervention and experiences with Magali and Mark Peysha will add incredible depth to my creativity.  These tools will help me access appropriate strategies for all of my clients.

Strategic Intervention Life Coaching
"Tamara Jones is a thoughtful, energetic and compassionate coach whom I had the good fortune

train as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach. She is joyfully dedicated to her work of

empowering others to lead fulfilling and connected lives."
Magali Peysha
Center For Strategic Intervention