The Details
*All initial discovery sessions are FREE
*All sessions are scheduled by calling 805-709-3542
*All sessions are 60-70 minutes long unless otherwise indicated
​*Current clients receive a free gift session when referring a new client

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Personal Fitness Training

" I am generally in good condition, but with Tamara's help and specific personal attention, I realized how much more potential I have.  With the exercises that she chose for me and her eye for detail I felt safe, inspired, strong, and victorious.  The workouts are tough, but so rewarding! Tamara has a unique way of weaving together positive reinforcement, validation, and her faith in you

to reveal fun and effective workouts!"


The Partnership

I have designed the Aspire Personal Fitness Studio to accommodate all fitness and skill levels.  I enjoy using creative workouts that are dynamic, functional and entertaining. Fun makes our time together fly by! 

My interpretation of personal fitness is just that, personal.  I provide my clients with a very wide variety of training programs.  Sometimes we meet 3 days per week and sometimes we meet once.  I have experience and training that allows me to be creative and supportive on many levels.  And then, in order to provide personal and appropriate service, it is helpful for us to spend some time together so that I can learn about your current skills, goals, and physical challenges. Having expressed that, I will also say that for most people 2-3 workouts a week in addition to a healthy and diverse eating plan will most often lead to success.  Many of my clients enjoy workouts with me that support their other physical activities and I am happy to offer ideas about adding exercise outside of my studio that will enhance overall health and function.

I believe that as a Strategic Life Coach I am able to offer all of my clients a unique and advanced level of fitness coaching that is respectful to the whole person.  I often find opportunities to help my clients reach fitness goals while also addressing other lifestyle, relationship, and/or personal challenges.